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Articles about navigating the technical career ladder, including resources to aid in advancing your career and techniques for helping prioritize your agency as a human being who is far more than just your work. I write these posts from the perspective that we are all limited by capitalism, and share what's helped me at various points in my life from a place of solidarity. I'm not about the hustle unless I have to be.

Developer Documentation I've Used Throughout My Career

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There are a few personal documents I’ve used at various stages in my career so far, in this post I share descriptions of these docs and how I used them. The Surprise Journal Credit: How I hacked my imposter syndrome using personal tracking by Lin Taylor This document is a spreadsheet with the headings “Date”, “What I was surprised or confused by”, “What…

Flow state and breaks

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Lately I’ve found myself at odds with trying to maintain focus at work while also taking a healthy amount of breaks to recalibrate my posture, rest my eyes, stay hydrated, stretch my legs and all that good stuff. It’s either one or the other most of my work days, and while I’m definitely still learning how to best manage this fine balance for myself, I thought I’…

Using the Ivy Lee Method

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I’ve recently felt a sense of balance and peace when it comes to my productivity output, which has taken years to get a handle on. This post breaks down what has been working for me and what I’m doing next, in case you’re interested in switching up your workflow or haven’t yet reached a point of productivity zen. A quick note that…