I have an on and off hobby of making video games! If you’re interested, my page is the most up to date place to check them out.


I like making themes! They're all available on github here, and I've written a post about how I make them here.



These projects were all worked on with other really cool folks who I learned a ton from, please check out their work.

Your First Year in Code - Contributing Author

I contributed to the “How do I fit in?” section of this great introduction to the non technical aspects of your first year as a coder. Check it out and maybe get yourself a copy here.

Pixelles Game Writing Group - Student

I was a part of the 2018-19 cohort of participants in a program which involved creating a portfolio of writing work for different aspects of game creation. It was awesome, I met so many amazing writers and learned from each of them. The announcement post for my cohort is here.

I also created a Twine game as a part of my participation in this group, which you can play through here.

2018 Global Game Jam - Designer & Writer

This game jam kicked off my involvement on a story game engine, the code is here and a description of the nature of the engine is here.

The project is part of a colleague’s PhD thesis and is a great work at some of the theoretical approaches to emergent storytelling.

Miscommunication - Programmer

Shot of people playing the miscommunication: the purpose was to give players physical distance and opposing goals which would require them to turn and talk to one another in order to resolve things and win!

This game was displayed as a part of an art exhibit on games at Latitude 53 in Edmonton which ran October 7, 2016 – November 11, 2016. Read more about it here.